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TEDx Talk Canmore with Marcus Dupuis

Meet Marcus

Marcus is the Author of "I Breathe Therefore I Am" and the Translator of "The Art of Listening to Life".   His TEDx Talk is also called "The Art of Listening to Life"

Marcus has been lecturing and teaching for over 30 years. 

The Conversations have begun. David and I sat down and talked about our world of distractions, 
and what we can do about it. Get the whole story!
These conversation are also part of my story.  How did I get here?  How did I learn what I know?

Well I spent about 2 years of my life in India, where I lived in small Ashrams and learned a lot about yoga. 
DAVID is the Man who taught me the deeper levels of Yoga; the science of yoga and mind of yoga.

My Mother was a Yogini as well, and She taught Hatha Yoga in the 70’s in night classes at the college. She was still doing daily yoga when she was 88. Yoga has been in my life since I was around 12 years of age.

I’ve always practiced, and taught basic yoga routines to people, but not full time. I was an athlete in many sports, hockey, mountain climbing and mountain biking, and more… I always said I would do more yoga when I got older…
Well, I’m older now, and I no longer feel the need to risk life, 
so breathing deeper, stretching the body and maintaining the vehicle I experience life with, has become a primary focus.

What are the elements needed to create a balanced, fulfilling and happy life?
That is what Elemental Living and RelaxationOne is all about, and yoga and breathing are tools we use to do both; 
quiet the mind and energize the mind. You take 5 minutes to do a 3-6-9, and your perspective on the day will change. You can only experience it by doing it. You maximize the power of your breath with a breathing routine.
It takes discipline People! That is what it takes, because it is an exercise, a breathing exercise… and that means doing the work. It’s like going to Gym, but you don’t have to leave the house! The challenge with not leaving the house; we don't do it!

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