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Marcus Dupuis

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Breathing Exercises are just the beginning of the process of self-discovery and balance! As the Author of "I Breathe Therefore I AM", People might think I am just a breathing coach, but the "I AM" is a big part of the process. The existential aspect of deep conscious breathing takes us to the deeper  ideas on how to better navigate the life we are here to live. 

Using the Chakras as a framework for understanding how we imagine, create, and manage our life is just the tip of the iceberg! 

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What's it all about?

The journey to understanding the Chakras is - A Journey - 

The journey to understanding your Life is - An Adventure! -

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First Chakra

The Root Chakra

It all starts with understanding the Chakras intellectually. What do they mean? What do they represent? The Root Chakra represents all the material needed for a physical world!

It all begins with a foundation!!

Second Chakra

The Sacral Chakra

Water, Connection, Desire!

The second Chakra is our social energy centre, along with many aspects of how we create, how we cooperate and collaborate, how we come together!

Feel the fluidity of connection!!

Third Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra

The third Chakra, the energy centre of making and doing, along with many aspects of how we get things done. The fire of the Blacksmith, forging steel into a tool, forging reality and a life. 

Feeling Your Power is Next!!

Fourth Chakra
The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra, is the middle point to the physical Chakra Column. The centre where decisions get made, where compassion emanates, where expansion begins. Air is the element, and  life and living finds balance here.

Feeling the Heart Chakra is crucial!!

Fifth Chakra
The Throat Chakra

The Fifth Chakra, moving on up the Chakra Column. The centre of expression and beginning of manifestation. Where thoughts begin to take shape, and becoming begins. Sound is the element; we are nothing but vibration. 

Feel your frequency, express yourself!!

Sixth Chakra
The Mind's Eye - Pineal Gland

The Sixth Chakra is where inspiration begins! Imagination starts here and begins to take shape. Mind is the element, a lot more goes on here than meets the eye. Pun intended! The Chakras now all work together to create your life and your world!

Imagining your future is Next!!

Seventh Chakra
The Crystal Crown

The Seventh Chakra is our connection to Source! It runs throughout our body and mind. It is present in all aspects of our being. Consciousness is the element, it is pure awareness and it never sleeps. It permeates our whole being! 

The prism Chakra gives colour to all the others. 

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